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Pemetaan Budaya



The Cultural Mapping (Pemetaan Budaya), under the Transformation Initiative of Public Services, is developed in order to create a comprehensive database of Heritage and Cultural Arts as well as Tourism. This website is hoped to benefit the community, especially youths as well as tourists at large.


The program of Cultural Mapping (Pemetaan Budaya) is introduced by the National Department of Culture and Arts to record, to document and to construct the cultural landscape especially the fields of performing arts, traditional cuisines, traditional games, customs, local arts and culture prominent figures well as the performing arts infrastructure. It was during the workshop ‘Transformation Initiative of Public Services’ organised by the Public Services Department, when the National Department of Culture and Arts suggested the rebranding of Cultural Mapping to Cultural Tourism Mapping. However, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia decided that the program of Cultural Mapping should be maintained and continued as it would be a good platform to increase the collaborations among agencies and sectors, under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, with other ministries, at large.


  • To collect information related to Cultural Arts, Heritage and Tourism, nationwide, and to document in the forms of writings, videos and pictures
  • To record and to construct the overviews of Cultural Arts Landscape that benefit end users from all sectors.
  • To enhance the accessibility of information for students, researchers and societies.

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