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To the Negrito and Senoi tribes the death ceremony is done according to tribal rites. The ceremony starts with cleansing the corpse and then placing it in the middle of the house to be seen by family members. If during alive the dead smoked then a cigarette is placed in between his lips as an honour. To those who chewed betel leaf then the leaf is placed in between the lips as a condition.

The sobs of the closest family members must be low so as not to disturb the dead. At the same time mantras are read for the dead asset in the after world. Among the actions forbidden is recalling the dead wrongdoings. Instead, it is recommended to cite the dead good deed while still alive so that the dead soul is peaceful in the after world. Some adorn the dead with beautiful clothing especially with wedding attire as a last respect to the dead.

Most corpses are buried at special places. The Orang Asli community that practices nomadic way of life bury the dead in their settlement area. Then they move out to another place as they believe that the dead will become a ghost and will disturb the rest of the family. Previously the Negritos bury the dead at certain places like under a big tree or big rock, inside a cave or placed beside a molehill. However, this practice is diminishing taking into account the factor of increasing level of development received especially from the government.

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