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Sambal Serunding Melaka is very popular among the people of the district of Alor Gajah, especially in Kampung Lanjut Manis. It is a compulsory dish during the Moslem's fasting month of Ramadan and also usually served during weddings. This dish can be consumed by itself or with ketupat or lemang.

The main ingredients are the flesh of young coconut, tempe (fermented soya bean) and dried fish. The leafy ingredients are the cekur leaf, kaffir lime leaf and turmeric leaf. Included are lemon grass, galangal and ginger, all are to be finely sliced. The enhancers are dried prawn, dried chili, tamarind juice, walnut, palm sugar, fine salt, garlic and red onion.

All the ingredients are fried one by one according to its category; from the main to the leafy, including the lemon grass, galangal and ginger, as well as the enhancers. Finally, mix all the fried ingredients in a serving dish ready to be served.


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