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Among-Among is a thanksgiving ceremony of the Javanese community related to babies. The ceremony is held right after a baby is safely born, when he is 36 days old, and when he is around 8 months for the ground stepping ceremony. Some hold this ceremony every year from a baby is born till he can speak fluently.

After a years birth, the baby undergoes a ground stepping ceremony and the celebrated baby is served with the dish Ayam Ingkung (Ingkung Chicken) that uses a middle-aged cockerel called ayam lancor. The baby is given the thigh part of the chicken.

Guests are served with the dish Nasi Keluban (Keluban Rice) in a tray. Keluban consists of a mixture of vegetables like tapioca shoot, bean sprout, long beans and coconut salad. The celebrated baby is served with the compulsory traditional dish of Bubur Abang that signifies thankfulness, made of white rice and glutinous rice cooked till soft and coloured red.

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