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Bapukung or Pasung is a berendoievent in a shaving a babyhair ceremony and popular among the Banjar community. It is normally held in a booth that can accommodate a cradle made of batik cloth. The uniqueness about this custom is that the baby inside the cradle is on a sitting position with his body wrapped and tied with a piece of batik cloth. Although the baby position seems to be a torture, but actually this situation makes the baby at ease as if cuddled.

The bapukung culture is a popular method of giving a baby a cosy and cuddled up feeling to enable him to sleep longer without feeling being disturbed. The baby must be wrapped neatly and compactly to enable him to feel as if inside his mother womb.

The bapukung ceremony begins with prayer recital and praises to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Then the baby is wrapped and tied. This ceremony ends with a specific song that prays for the baby well being.

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