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Rewang or working together is synonym with the Javanese community. This activity is merrier when everybody is looking for whatever responsibility to be handled. Before, the youths vied to become penanggah or kendarat meaning waiter/waitress. But nowadays the responsibility has diminished as dining are more to the self service system and packaged inclusive of the waiters/waitresses.

Usually Rewang is held after the Isyak prayer, the late evening prayer, after the end of Quran recitals on the evening before the sitting on the wedding dais ceremony of the bride and groom. Among the entertainment are bands, dances like kuda kepang, barongan and joget, as well as karaoke. The guests are served with soup.

Previously, self-made fireworks accompany Rewang as a closing. The fireworks are inserted into bamboos measuring six to seven inches. The ingredients are bamboos as the conical wrapper, charcoal made from cashew nut wood or rubber wood, sulphur, kalium nitrate powder called siaw, iron remnants and molehill soil.

Rewang can strengthen family relationship and the local community without looking at status and positions, age or gender.

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