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Pemetaan Budaya



This custom, popularly called toll money by the Johor community, has long been practiced at weddings. The custom bars the groom from be seated on the wedding dais until an amount of money is paid to the bride side. The amount is as low as 50 sen to RM1.00 and so on depending on the groom side ability to pay.

Normally, the one being played around is the groom best man. Hence, the groom needs to look for an intelligent best man who can control the situation especially the children at the frontal most of the door of the bride house.

Altogether there are three levels of toll. Firstly, the toll to redeem the compound which normally involves wandering children or young men and the elderly. Next, it is the toll to redeem the door or to step on the dais that normally involves young girls, friends or the briderelatives. Finally, the toll for the makeup ladyor to withdraw the fan, that is to do away with the fan that covers the bride face before the groom is allowed to sit next to the bride on the dais.

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