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The laksa dish is very popular among Malaysians and one of them is Laksa Perlis. The name of each type of laksa is derived from the state it is pioneered. For example, the Johor Laksa from Johor, the Sarawak Laksa from Sarawak, Penang Laksa from Penang Island, and Kedah Laksa from Kedah. Although they seem to be alike but there are differences in terms of the ingredients used, level of thickness and hotness of the gravy, as well as the type and basic ingredient of the noodle.

The gravy of Laksa Perlis is quite thick as the ingredients used such as the fish mackerel and sardine, as well as the herbs ginger flower and kesum leaves are finely grinded until well mixed. The quantity of fish is also more than the laksa dishes in other states resulting in the gravy being lighter in colour and not reddish (that is chili red) like the Kedah Laksa. Coconut milk is also not used unlike Sarawak Laksa. The noodle is made of homely made rice flour, unlike the Johor Laksa that uses spaghetti.


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