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Kinomol is an alcoholic drink from the mixed preservation of rice and yeast, while Lihing is formed from a prolonged preservation period of Kinomol. Both these drinks are served during weddings and festivities like Tadau Kaamatan, or Harvest Festival, by the Kadazandusun ethnic group. The main ingredients are rice and yeast. The preservation container, usually a jar, needs to be cleaned and sundried.

The rice and yeast mixture is put into a preservation container with its opening later covered with banana leaf or tarap (a traditional fruit) leaf, and tied around with rattan or tree roots. Nowadays, the cover is plastic based tied with rubber band. After a few days the Kinomol liquid is formed and can be consumed. Water can be added in to reduce the thickness of Kinomol. If preserved for a longer period, around two weeks, the yellowish Lihing liquid begins to form and can be served.

Lihing can mature perfectly if kept in a suitable container and can be kept for many years. This maturity process can change the Lihing to a blackish colour. Some people bury the container and open it during special moments only. This natural maturity process increases the alcohol content of Lihing.


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