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Bambangan, its scientific name Mangifera Pajang, is a traditional fruit known as 'wild mango' and categorised as in the mango family. The fruit can be preserved and eaten together with rice and prawn paste sambal (a hot dish), while the ripe one can be eaten with chilies and salt. The ingredients to be preserved are the bambangan fruit, carrot to be cut lengthwise, red onion, onion leaves to be cut into smaller pieces, chilies and an adequate amount of salt.

Slice off a bit of the fruit's top portion and make slits down along the skin for easier opening of the thick skin. Slice the flesh thinly at smaller sizes. Slit open the fruit's seed, peel off the yellowish white covering of the seed's flesh, clean it with water then grate. Mix the grated seed's flesh with the fruit's flesh together with the red onion, carrot, onion leaves and salt. Put in a preservation container with chilies and preserve for about a week before it can be consumed.


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