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The Kuda Kepang Game is a warrior horse dance that originated from Java Island, Indonesia, brought in by immigrants to the Malay Peninsula. This game is one of the Malaysian folk games, especially in Batu Pahat, Johor, and normally played at wedding or celebration ceremonies.

The tools consist of five units of the musical instrument angklung, a drum, gong, at least nine units of horse statues, an accelerator and a 100-long rope 30 meters in length.

The angklung is square in shape made from bamboo and rattan. It is played by jiggling and shaking the bamboo. The combination of sounds is the high pitch from the small bamboos where as the echoing from the big ones. The drum is made from the 'leban' wood and cow leather while as the binder from rattan.

The number of players is at least 25 people that are nine dancers, five musicians, two recovery shamans and nine to 15 area guardians. However, in an association the total number of members is 40 people. One of the dancers act as the leader called 'danyang'. Players usually wear uniforms.


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