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Pemetaan Budaya



Apart from being named as Aci Sorok, it is also known as Permainan Sorok-Sorok.

A tree or a pole is used as the Main House, the place for the Seeker to start off the game. Before starting, voting is casted to determine one player who will act as the Seeker. The Seeker then must close his eyes and his position is facing towards the Main House. While counting the Seeker is forbidden to look to his left, right or behind him. If the Seeker is found to do so, other members can instruct the Seeker to recount from the beginning.

If it is found that there is a player hiding beyond the designated playing area, then the player is 'nullified' and he then takes on the role as the Seeker. If the Seeker is successful in finding any one of the players he must call out the player's name loudly and runs to the Main House and touches it with his fingertips, while simultaneously mentions the word "ibu" ('mother'). This is to 'nullify' the status of the found player. The game is considered over after all the players are found.


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