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Pemetaan Budaya



Apart from the name 'Baling Tin' or 'Tuju Tin', this game is also known as 'Pekong Tin'.

The game's tools consist of 10 empty tin cans like condensed milk tin and a ball the size of a tennis ball. Slippers can replace if there are no balls. The tin cans are arranged as intended by the player, either laid in a line or stacked up. The playing area requires a medium-sized space of either a flat ground or a court.

A line is drawn on the ground to signify the position of each player to throw the ball towards the tin. The distance between the line marker and the arranged tin cans is approximately 4 meters. However, there is no specific measurement to be adhered, just depending on the player's own comfort.

Among the game rules is that the allowed number of throws is three times. The team that achieves the most score for the highest count of fallen tin cans is considered the winner.


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