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Batu Seremban is well-known in Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan and Johor. Also known as Permainan Batu Selambut or Serembat, it is played individually in groups of two to four people. Five objects named as 'buah' (game piece) are required, consisting of rubber seed, glass marble, bean bag, pebbles or small wrapping of cloth as some of them.

A game piece is hurled in different ways at each stage of playing, starting from the first stage using the 'buah satu' (game piece one) up to the next or the highest stage named as 'buah tujuh' (game piece seven) or 'raja'. After that is 'dandling the game pieces' for getting points. A 'defunct game' means a player has to stop playing and the next round of game is given to the next player in line.

Issues that may cause a 'defunct game' status is that, among others, if there were a game piece that touches another one when the player spread them onto the playing surface like the ground, floor and the like. Apart from the hand, other body parts such as the feet, the knees and the like must not come into contact with the rest of the game pieces.


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