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The Bola Hadang, loosely translated as 'Obstructing A Ball', game does not require a lot of tools; only two football or netball-sized balls are used. Shoes or slippers can also be used to replace the balls as they are not intended to be kicked around but only to be tagged along or hurled towards the players. The goal of this game is to obtain victory.

Players are divided into two groups or teams of equal number. Voting needs to be done to determine the group that will start off the game.

There are two ways of counting a win. The first way depends on the game played on the field. This means each team that scores a win will get only one point. The second way is by tabulating the total number of players who are still 'alive', that is those still allowed to play. For example, Group A has four players who are still 'alive' and, therefore, the total score obtained is four points.


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