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Congkak is one of the traditional games that develop according to era evolution, believed to be brought into the Malay archipelago via India. Congkak is well-known in Kedah, Kelantan and Johor. The name was so given as it was first played using clam shells or "congkak".

The main tools are the game board and the game pieces. The game board is usually made from the thick stem of a tree measuring 80cm to 1 meter in length and 18cm to 20cm in width. The board is shaped like a boat with the top part having two rows of holes. Each row has five or seven holes 6cm each in diameter. These smaller holes are known as 'kampung' or 'village'. At the end of the rows of smaller holes is a bigger hole 14cm in diameter, one each on the left and right. These bigger holes are named 'rumah' or 'house'.

Congkak is played by two people in rounds and the total number of rounds depends on the agreed terms established by both players. The goal of this game is to end the game before the opponent and to obstruct the opponent from playing the game continuously.


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