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Pemetaan Budaya



This individual game is usually played in the afternoon as one-to-one. There are two types of checkers games that are popular among the Malay community, and they are Dam Aji ("Aji Checkers") and Aji Terbang ("Flying Aji").

The tools needed for both games are a game board and game pieces. The game board is square, drawn on paper or patterned straight on a piece of board. There are 64 small squares on the mentioned board. The game pieces may consist of bottle caps, mussel shells, small fragments of roof brick or freshwater clam shells. Both players require 12 game pieces each.

A vote by way of 'wan to som' needs to be done to determine the players' turns. The player that wins the vote starts the game by moving his game piece. Then, followed by the opposing player and so on, until all the game pieces of one player been 'eaten' off by the opposing player. There is no time limit for this game

This game is played by moving a game piece one step forward either to the left or to the right up until a game piece reaches the status of 'buah aji' or 'king'. Players are not allowed to move their pieces backward except that has achieved the 'king' status only.


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