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Pemetaan Budaya



The defensive group leader is to monitor the movement of every attacker that comes in and out of the court that is along the starting line, the middle line and the court parameters. The 'awak-awak' acts as watch guards along the horizontal line inside the court.

This game is played by two groups; the 'offensive group' and the 'defensive group'. Each group consists of four players. One of the group members is appointed as the leader and the rest as 'awak-awak' (team members). Each leader can only be changed when starting a new round. The aim and goal of this game are to subdue the opponent based on the total scores obtained.

Game regulations or conditions are determined before the game is played. An attacker can't move backwards after crossing the horizontal line and is considered subdued if done so. The winner is determined based on the team that obtains the highest score. .


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