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Pemetaan Budaya



The means and techniques of playing Ketinting Buku is almost similar to Ketinting Kapal Terbang, only the court differentiates them.

Player turns are determined using the "lai lai li tam plong" method followed by the " wan to som" need to be done before starting the game, after which all the players place their 'gundu' or 'game piece' on the first square. The first player starts the game by jumping straight to the second square with one foot without stepping on the first square that has his gundu inside it.

Then the player jumps to the third and fourth squares and when he arrives at the fifth square he must step on it with both feet. He will then continue the game to return to the first square by stepping on the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth squares with one foot. When he arrives at the ninth square he has to pick his gundu on the first square placed earlier then jump straight to the finishing line.


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