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Pemetaan Budaya



Apart from the name Ketinting, this individual game is also known as Teng-Teng. In some places the game is called 'decok'. Normally it is played on a flat surface such as a house compound and cemented or paved areas. This game is played by balancing the body with one foot that steps on a flat surface. The number of players is from two up to four people. If the total number of players exceeds the stated number then the situation might bring difficulties to each player to 'teng-teng'.

Before starting the game the court has to be prepared by way of making etched marks on the surface. If the surface is cemented or paved writing chalk is used to make lines. Apart from the court the 'gundu' or 'game piece' needs to be prepared, that takes the shape of flatten object as big as half a palm such as a piece of broken dish, flat stone and anything similar to it. Gundu is used as a sign to move the players' positions on the court squares. The winning status of each player depends on the number of 'houses' he owns.


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