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Pemetaan Budaya



This game's main objective is to kick chicken feathers upwards with the total continuous kicks exceeding the opposing side without failing to kick the feathers or dropping it. Points are counted each time kicks are made. A player who successfully makes kicks exceeding his opponent is considered as the winner. Players also need to adhere to the set game rules.

There are two produced forms of chicken feathers that are a wad of papers and rubber scrap. Usually rubber scrap is used because it is more elastic, long lasting and simple to produce. The chicken feathers are then tied onto the rubber scrap

The game can be played individually or in groups. For individuals, a player make kicks until the chicken feathers fails to be kicked or falls to the ground. For groups, four up to eight players form a circle and they make as many kicks as possible. Each kick is counted until the chicken feathers fails to be kicked or falls to the ground.


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