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Sepak Raga Bulatan is a traditional game of the Malay community that is still played until now. This game is unique as the total number of players is unlimited and they play in a big circle. The game also has artistic elements that can be seen within the aspects of balancing, heading, lashing as well as controlling the ball at the foot tip. This game can be played individually, in groups or teams by using all parts of the body except the hands or arms.

The ball is round and made from original rattan or synthetic. The weight is between 170gm to 180gm. The perimeter is between 0.42m to 0.44m and has 12 holes with 20 cross points.

This game is started by the first player tossing the ball high above head level to the third, fourth or fifth player by passing or crossing a circled area measuring two meters. The player receiving the ball has to kick the ball to the other players except the first player. Each kick or touch is counted as points. A player is considered as subdued if he fails to catch or toss the ball.


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