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Pemetaan Budaya



Other than the name Konda-Kondi, this outdoor game that requires an open space is also known as Jongket Kayu or Katak Ayam. It can be played individually or in groups. The needed tools are two small round-shaped wood sticks measuring 20 centimetres named "kayu anak' (" child stick') and another one 30 centimetres named 'kayu ibu' (" mother stick'). It is required too to dig a hole of 15 centimetres in depth.

Voting by way of " wan to som" is needed to determine the group called the 'kumpulan utama' ('main team') to start the game. While the " child stick' is flicked from the hole and hurled into the air the second group called the 'kumpulan lawan' ('opposing team') needs to be prepared to catch the stick before it falls to the ground. If any player from the " opposing team' succeeds in catching the stick then the " main team" is considered as 'dead'. If the tossed stick goes into the hole or even touches the " mother stick' then the 'main team' is considered as 'dead' too. Playing turn changes then in that the " opposing team' now becomes the " main team'.


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