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Pemetaan Budaya



This game uses playing cards as the main tool. There are various card games such as 'slapping the card', 'clapping the card' and 'squirting the card'. This game does not have specific playing time duration, only depends on the agreement of each player.

In the 'slapping the card' game, playing cards are arranged flat with the picture part faced up. Players 'slap' the playing cards. A strong ‘slap’ until the floor shakes is prohibited. Only the card that flips can be taken by the player whereas the leftover will be played by the next player.

For the 'clapping the card' and 'squirting the card' games, the game concept is the same with only the techniques and game play being slightly different that is by 'clapping' the cards using hands. Scattered cards are considered as points.


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