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Pemetaan Budaya



This game uses marbles as the main tool. There are two types of marbles usually used that are ‘guli kaca’ or ‘glass marbles’ and ‘guli batu kapur’ or ‘limestone marbles’. Coloured glass marbles are used as 'betting marbles' while limestone marbles act as the ‘guli induk’ or 'main marbles’.

Before starting the game, players’ turns need to be determined by way of standing beside a circle or drawn area and roll the ‘main marble’ towards the line marker. The marble that is positioned before the line marker is given priority to one that is positioned after the line marker. The player with his marble nearest to the line marker and not overshooting it will take the first turn.

A player is considered defeated if his ‘main marble’ gets stuck within the circle. But a player’s non-defunct status can happen anytime if his ‘main marble’ is out of the circle caused by another marble’s strike throw done by the other players. There are no specific ways of ending the game. Usually, it requires discussion and mutual agreement to either continue or end the game.


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