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Pemetaan Budaya



There are a number of types of this game which are 'Kaki Hantu Tempurung' (“Coconut Shell Ghost Feet”), 'Kaki Hantu Tin' (“Tin Ghost Feet”) and 'Kaki Hantu Kayu' (“Wooden Ghost Feet”). This game uses wood, tin or coconut shell to make the ‘ghost’s feet’. The field or the game area has to be wide and flat. It is dangerous to use an undulating area, rocky or muddy. This can cause a player to fall and be injured.

The wood as used is a piece of board or wood that can be found in the forest area. The wood, coconut shell or tin that are made as the game foundation has to be worn by the player akin to wearing shoes. A rope is used as a tool driver and to lift the wood while the coconut shell or tin are made as footwear replacing shoes.

When the feet move the rope is pulled together so that the feet are always padded with the wood, coconut shell or tin. When walking the feet must not touch the ground either intentionally or not. A player that falls or does not step on the coconut shell or tin rightfully has to start the game from the beginning.


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