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Pemetaan Budaya



This game is said to have been brought by a noble Bugis descendent from Makasar named Tok Tuan around the year 1720. At that time he opened a village at a place named Makasar within Pekan District in Pahang. Dr. W. Lenehein, in his book entitled JMBRAS VO.1XIV (Part II) published in January 1936, explained that this game was quite popular in Pahang during the reigns of Sultan Ahmad (1882 – 1914), Sultan Mahmud (1914 – 1917) and Sultan Abdullah (1917 – 1932). This game was often played during celebrations and during the 'sending off' of state dignitaries to visit conquered territories. However, there were a few of the society at that time that made this game for gambling and money betting. The tools for this game are a female candlenut and Asiatic bitter yam (shaped as chicken egg), a chopstick and a padding liner.


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