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Ketuk Keli is also known as Konda Kondi, Jongket Kayu or Katak Ayam by people outside of Perlis. This game can be played in pairs or in groups. Required tools are two small cylindrical wooden sticks, one measuring 20cm and the other 30cm in length. The short stick is called 'kayu anak' (‘child stick’), whereas the long stick is called 'kayu ibu' (‘mother stick’). A hole, 15cm deep on the top surface court, also needs to be prepared. Voting by way of "o som"" is done to determine the group that starts the game. The procedure is to put the ‘child stick’ into the hole while the ‘mother stick’ is used to flick the ‘child stick’ from the hole with all strength. When the ‘child stick’ is being flicked and later hurled up into the air the opposing team has to be ready to catch the stick before it falls to the ground. If successfully caught then the first group is considered as defeated.


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