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Gulai Umbut Pisang is a specialty of the people of the district of Baling in Kedah. This dish is normally served during thanksgiving feasts. Only the banana shoot is used beside other basic ingredients that are the locally-bred chicken, turmeric, curry powder, curry leaves, cinnamon, star aniseed, slices of red onion and garlic, thin and thick coconut milk, ground dried chilies, as well as salt or sugar to taste.

Fry the sliced onions then put in the cinnamon and star aniseed until aromatic. Then add in the ground dried chilies, turmeric, curry powder and curry leaves. Add in the thin coconut milk and when oil comes out add in more of the thin coconut milk and also the chicken. When the chicken is tender add in the banana shoot, and when it is cooked add in the thick coconut milk, as well as salt or sugar as enhancer.


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